6 minute read
April 3, 2020

How to Run a Recovery Audit

More and more businesses are turning to external vendors to support their core business functions, which means the number of invoices they receive has increased... Read More
6 minute read
March 12, 2020

How to Choose the Right Recovery Audit Company

Recovery audits are an important part of business; they can help you recover crucial lost income and identify weaknesses in their accounts payable workflows. Although many... Read More
6 minute read
February 6, 2020

What Is Spend Analysis Technology — and Why Should I Use It?

Spend analysis operates on a simple principle: a business should know where its money is going, and how effective that money is. Of course, that's often easier said than... Read More
7 minute read
January 23, 2020

Why Spend Analysis is Crucial in Accounts Payable

Expenditure is the name of the game in Accounts Payable. Departments often see millions of dollars pass through their doors when paying invoices, which is why savvy... Read More
6 minute read
January 15, 2020

Why You Need AI Audit Software

  AI is becoming more and more prevalent in every industry, and recently Accounts Payable. With artificially intelligent audit software, companies are able to prevent,... Read More
7 minute read
November 22, 2019

Best Practices in Accounts Payable Audit Detection

At a certain point, every business with an A/P department must face the dark reality that fraud occurs. In an ideal world every employee would be trustworthy and there... Read More
5 minute read
October 25, 2019

How to Run an Automated Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

The last thing any business wants is money left on the table. In accounts payable departments, that lost money is more common than you might think. Duplicate payment errors Read More
5 minute read
October 4, 2019

Ways to Avoid and Recover Duplicate Payments

Why Duplicate Payments Matter Duplicate payments can undercut the most effective Accounts Payable departments. They're a serious, costly and all-too-common issue. Read More
4 minute read
September 20, 2019

5 Ways Internal Audit Teams Strengthen Companies

Internal audit teams are often an underutilized and underappreciated resource. These teams are hidden gems full of untapped potential. When used to their fullest, IA... Read More