Posted on: June 4, 2012

Ex-financial manager's arrest for million dollar embezzlement, recovery audit finds


A former financial manager for Star-Tech, Inc., whose million dollar theft forced the company to shut down, was arrested on embezzlement charges in Riverton, Wyoming.

According to Riverton Radio, Gary Anderson was found guilty in December 2011 of embezzling nearly $1.5 million from his former employer. He was found to have caused approximately $41,000 in damages to another company, Precision Analysis. Additionally, jurors ruled that Anderson's son Scott owed a further $20,000 to Precision from which he had illegally obtained funds.

The Ranger reports that a civil lawsuit was originally filed in August 2010 by Charles Starks, owner of Star-Tech, Inc. Starks alleged that Anderson stole over $2 million from the business while serving as financial manager. Anderson also performed payroll and bookkeeping functions for Precision Analysis, which is run by Starks' grandson, Cory Fabrizius. Fabrizius and his family  filed a lawsuit as well, in July 2010, seeking the recovery of stolen funds from Anderson.

The news source states that during last year's trial, Anderson refused to speak, exercising his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. Anderson has been sent to Lander County jail and is awaiting a court appearance on his criminal charges.

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