Posted on: June 25, 2013

Gambling addictions lead to embezzlement for Missouri couple


Embezzlement is not often a crime committed by seasoned thieves, and this is one of the factors that make these incidents so hard to anticipate. While doing a background check on employees working on financial operations is wise, this process doesn't reliably reveal potential offenders. Many times, circumstances lead to misappropriation, and gambling addictions are one common influencing factor.

According to The Associated Press, husband and wife Craig and Laura Dejong of Missouri recently pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly to more than $100,000 for vacations and cruises. The Dejongs have agreed to forfeit their home as well as all of the items they purchased with the stolen money.

In a separate article, The Associated Press noted that many embezzlers suffer from gambling addictions. Rose Gruber, executive director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling, told the news provider that many people who mismanage their employers' funds are law-abiding citizens in all other senses, but that the losses from frequent gambling add up quickly.

With the help of audit solutions, companies can detect fraud before it takes a toll on bottom lines. Additionally, the presence of these technologies may discourage employees from attempting to make unauthorized withdrawals.

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