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2 minute read
January 9, 2014

Former Tenn. bank teller pleads guilty to embezzling funds

Another case of fraud committed by a former bank employee brought to light the need for accounts payable recovery audits at organizations that handle consumers' money. Read More
2 minute read
December 19, 2013

NC woman pleads guilty in embezzlement case

Employee fraud can have disastrous consequences for small businesses - and without financial audit solutions, it can be very difficult to detect discrepancies in... Read More
2 minute read
July 5, 2013

Importance of accounts payable cannot be overlooked

There are many responsibilities involved in running a business successfully, but maintaining strong control over accounts payable is among the most critical. If... Read More
1 minute read
March 4, 2011

Wal-Mart maintains high accounts payable, boosts its working capital performance

Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, has been able to attain its status with a successful working capital strategy. Read More
1 minute read
February 25, 2011

Burger King boosts operational efficiency by automating accounts payable process

The recession forced many businesses to make deep staff cuts, and accounting departments were certainly not spared. Read More