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Optimize your A/P department with powerful software, dedicated expert support and unparalleled audit services. Our assessment will give you the visibility you may not be seeing in your A/P department. 

Here's a breakdown of the assessment:

  • Our team will get a better understanding of your Accounts Payable environment.
  • We'll ask for specific information, including your invoice volumes, if you are centralized or decentralized, your ERP system, and more.
  • We'll discuss all of the expected results from the assessment.

By the end of the assessment, you'll see in your A/P Assessment Report: total recoveries, risks identified in your A/P department and opportunities to improve your operations

There is no obligation to purchase upon completion of the assessment.

“[Technology Insight] has changed the way we think about Accounts Payable and how things are being processed and paid — for the better. It's changed the way that we communicate and train in the field."
Jeff Sharp
Waste Connections, Inc.
Director of Accounts Payable

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